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Bareera was formed with the aim to make private equity investments and financing arrangements more reachable to growth-oriented companies and to attract lucrative investment avenues for the investors, high net individuals and groups based on the rich expertise of the management of the organization. Beside this we are also providing financial products, assistance to establish business entities especially for foreign investors, trading in commodities, event management, Insurance advisory, supply chain management, logistic support & educational ventures globally. We are also operating various chains of restaurants, consulting companies, a textile distribution house and a known clothing brand. Simply we provide as per your needs. We contribute both capital and management expertise to a various companies with the objective of directing strategic, operational and financial improvements. Beside the traditional finance arrangements and equity participation we also take pride in guiding and arranging the appropriate insurance that matches and are essential for our customers.

We are running private equity funds, whose investors and participants include investors from around the world especially US, European, Middle Eastern and Asian commercial and investment banks, pension funds, insurance companies, corporations, as well as a number of high net worth individuals, families and conglomerates.

Bareera symbolizes our belief in investments serving as instrument to harvest the optimum amount of wealth to the largest number of shareholders for the largest amount of time. From this premise, we view ourselves more as a business developer than a mere investment firm or just arrangers. Our goal is to unleash real value in the work we do, maximizing our contribution in enterprises through the creation of solid partnership ties, strong focus on the real economy and a long-term view of potential returns. We endeavor to guarantee stronger returns to our investors by making real commitments to our investments, finances and trades making sure that we are able not only to improve their financial and corporate governance standards, but also to bolster their potential through a global view of what their function and presence ought to be and the continuous implementation of that view in real business.

Apart from providing stability to our business partners, our diversified knowledge position us to strengthen the network around the world focusing on various projects. Additionally, our focus on equity participation and business management provides unique insight and experience to our partners, allowing them to implement changes and strengthen core activities that would not be otherwise possible without our active participation in the development of investment projects.

Among many of our strategies and tools, we have Islamic mode of financing as well which also functions on the principal of sharing. We have many alternatives and solution to work around with. Every decision and choice of product is done after a detailed analysis of the business and the environment it faces. 

Our customers and clients are at the centre of our strategy and business model. Putting their needs first is essential to developing a long-term sustainable relationship.

Bareera's Aims

01Customer satisfaction is our priority.

02Extend Your Reach to Investors.

03We believe competition makes the global economy more productive .

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