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We at Bareera have a dedicated and professional team of professionals operating globally, establishing close contact with markets as well as forging stronger relationships clients.


Asset Management:

We manage assets on behalf of corporate sector and charitable entities as well as on behalf of individuals, via mutual funds and investment trusts. Our core skills in devising, producing and delivering products for clients across the full range of asset management activities allow us to meet the needs of this broad spectrum of clients. 

We have developed strong relationships with our distribution partners across the globe, from local banks and independent financial advisers to global banks and insurance companies. 

Private Investment Services:

Our Private Investment Services offer specialist financial solutions to high net worth individuals, family offices and their advisers, utilising our investment skills and external providers.

We focus on growing and preserving wealth, using the knowledge of our economics and investment strategy teams, and using both proprietary ACV investment products and external funds in structuring our clients' portfolios. This enable we provide a highly personal private investment services to wealthy individuals and their advisers. 

We provide a full range of products including deposit-taking, fund management, custody and execution services, advisory and discretionary asset management and specialized lending.

Services: Project Advisory

We provide business advisory services for new projects such as setting up new units including manufacturing units; on turnkey basis. As a part of our turnkey business consultancy service, we do following:

Identifying most suitable location for the project.

Identifying most suitable technology – wherever applicable.

Preparing of techno-economic feasibility report.

Procuring long term and working capital finance from suitable source.

Identifying suitable suppliers for plant and machinery, on most suitable terms and conditions.

Applying for and obtain various approvals, permissions,registrations from appropriate authorities.

Helping the client till commencement of the business.

Laying down accounts, administrative and MIS systems.

Financial consultancy on ongoing basis.


From company takeover or merger acquisition, we offer complete set of services. The most important form of expanding business is to takeover a Company. Our role is to give the independent and professional assessment of the company in order to determine the following points:

Advise on the Valuation of the company.

Legal vetting of the agreement of the company and the implication.

Status of Legal compliance of the company in respect of major law applicable.

Assessing the accuracy of Financial Statement of the company.

Corporate finance advice and deal structuring 

A full range of advisory and transaction services from a highly committed team;

Technically and Financially Feasibility Study Report Business plans and funding documentation.

Pre-IPO funding by way of private placement.

Advice on initial public offerings ("IPOs"), secondary placing and rights offerings;

Mergers and acquisitions, including capital restructurings;

Structuring and arranging private equity transactions;

Specialist expertise in the particular requirements of small to medium sized enterprises as well as corporate entity.

Introductions to specialist funds, dedicated to development capital opportunities, expansion, acquisition, pre-IPO and quoted securities.

Investing in companies with the potential for rapid growth, in both the 'old' and 'new' economies;

Provide funding and management advice to companies preparing to float in the future;

Early seed capital for exciting new businesses.


Private equity is another way of inviting shares from the market to help in the capital formation through private companies or other big investors. The funds raised through private equity can be used to develop new products and technologies, to expand working capital, to make acquisitions, or to strengthen a company's balance sheet. We have got arrangements with large number of such investors for arranging private equity for our esteemed clients.


One of the key areas of long-term decision-making that firms must tackle is that of investment- the need to commit funds by purchasing land, building, and machinery and so on, in anticipation of being able to earn an income greater the funds committed. in order to handle these decision, firms have to make an assessment of the size of the outflows and inflows of fund, the lifespan of the investment, the degree of risk attached and the cost of obtaining funds.

Our main stages of invest appraisal in the capital budgeting cycle can be summarized as follows: 

1. Forecasting investment needs.
2. Identifying project(s) to meet needs.
3. Appraising the alternatives.
4. Selecting the best alternatives.
5. Making the expenditure. 
6. Monitoring project(s).

Looking at investment appraisal involves us in stage 3 and 4 of this cycle. We can classify capital expenditure projects into four broad categories:

Maintenance –replacing old or obsolete assets for example.

Profitability-quality, productivity or location improvement for example.

Expansion-new products, markets and so on.

Indirect –social and welfare facilities.

Even the project that is unlikely to generate profits should be subjected to investment appraisal. This should help to identify the best way of achieving the project’s aim. so investment appraisal may help to find the cheapest way to provide a new staff restaurant, even though such a project may be unlikely to earn profit for the company.

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03We believe competition makes the global economy more productive .

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