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We have the best people dealing with trades of different commodities and stocks who are updated and will give you and guide you through the best deals of all.

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Trading in Commodities: With Bareera, buying and selling commodities is easy. We offer the most popular commodities to trade, including gold, silver, crude oil and others, and we plan to add more in the near future. The multi-product that Bareera allows you to trade is a wide range of financial instruments including commodities, forex, options, stocks, CFDs and futures.

Sale / Purchase of Shares, Government Securities and bonds, TFCs and Sukooks: Investment securities refer to the purchase of stocks, bonds, treasury bills and debentures. Stocks refer to the purchase of shares of a specific company or industry. There are various types of bonds, Sukooks namely government bonds, corporate bonds and such other investment bonds. Investment in securities also includes money market instruments like commercial papers, bankers' acceptances and such other instruments. Hence, apart from investing in real estate, people can invest in securities and get great returns from them. 

Trading in Islamic and conventional funds: Apart from offering our own conventional and Islamic funds, we also sale purchase different funds in the market. We offer to arrange sale purchase of various funds in the market to our customers as well.

Money Markets: We have round the clock commission-free trading in the majors and crosses, Our system offers free professional charting package, split-second trade execution from real time, streaming quotes; managed account program; partner services include introducing broker program, white label / co-brand program; back office services for money managers, etc.

We are offering a variety of account plans, investment products, and services to choose from when creating or re-adjusting a portfolio and our professionals can tailor a commodity investment portfolio based on your short and long-term investment objectives.

Fixed Income portfolio: Our success is based on research-intensive, globally integrated, credit and macro capabilities that supports local portfolio management globally. We employ fundamental and quantitative approaches to manage aggregate, government, credit and high yield portfolios.

Multi Assets: Bareera offers multi-asset solutions for you with a broad range of skills and capabilities across different asset classes. We specialise in providing a consultative, solutions-based approach for clients, which efficiently diversifies risk. Our diversified growth strategies are available to both local and international clients to address their specific multi-asset investment requirements. We also offer structured investments, liability driven investment and multi-manager products.

Alternatives: Our alternatives business includes property, emerging market debt, commodities and agriculture funds, funds of hedge funds and private equity funds of funds. We broadened our alternatives offering to include a new globalize financial products.

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01Customer satisfaction is our priority.

02Extend Your Reach to Investors.

03We believe competition makes the global economy more productive .

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