Bareera is at one of the hubs of the world's banking and financial markets and with regional offices around the world and growing. Very few in competition can match the quality of our people and our services, the enriched experience, our global presence and our top tier position across the full range of financial products. We have been instrumental in nearly all the major developments in the modern financial markets.

Some of our expertise under finance advisory services are:

Corporate Trustee

Bareera is one of the premier provider of corporate trust services to the capital markets, serving the needs of investors, bondholders, and lenders. We offer trustee, agency, escrow, and other financial services to private and public enterprises. Our International division works with public and private companies, government entities, special purpose vehicles, banks, securities, and insurance industries to administer a range of international corporate trust products and services.

Debt Capital Markets

Debt capital markets offer businesses the opportunity to access our extensive and global pool of institutional investors who are looking for investment opportunities.

By using your debt to provide those opportunities, you could benefit from a form of financing which can cost less than other alternatives, and adds diversity to your funding. Our corporate finance division is proficient in this trade of business and providing this option to companies with viable standing and a good history.

Derivatives and Structured Finance

We have strong experience in derivatives and structured finance.  We represent a wide range of clients in a broad spectrum of transactions, with a focus on complex and innovative transactions. Like the firm’s corporate practice as a whole, our Derivatives & Structured Finance service is also international in scope; in a market where cross-border transactions are commonplace, our clients benefit from the firm’s extensive international resources.

Equity Capital Markets

We execute public and private equity and equity-linked financings for our global client base.  Our investment banking professionals advise corporations internationally, governments, private companies and financial sponsors. Our professionals are organized by sector, product and region. 

General lending

We offer to arrange personal loans, mortgages, debt consolidation loans, business loans for small and medium companies and more according to the requirements of the business on micro and macro basis.

Investment Funds and Structures

We have a substantial investment funds practice that covers a wide range of both fund structures and asset classes, including real estate, hedge funds, regulated and structured funds, private equity and infrastructure.

In addition to structuring and documenting new investment funds, we are also providing advises on regulations affecting asset managers such as investment-management mandates, appointment of custodians, securities-lending programs and dealing with brokers and dealers. 

Islamic Finance

We arrange Sharia compliant business banking products designed to help you manage and grow your business in a way that is convenient for you. We are proud of our Islamic banking exposure which helps our customer to understand the procedures and effectiveness of these products under the prevailing sharia/Islamic law.

Leveraged Finance

We advise financial institutions, companies and private equity clients on all aspects of leveraged transactions, including senior, subordinated and other debt transactions, bridge financings and high yield bond offerings. Our team’s client service approach is to deliver advices and services in a fully integrated manner which brings together in a single team securities, corporate, environmental, project finance, financial restructuring, intellectual property, real estate, tax and regulatory attorneys. 

Project Financing

Projects are among the most complex and challenging transactions to finance because a successful structure must be fully consistent with the fundamental features of the project and at the same time, satisfy the requirements of the financial markets.

All the financial resources and expertise required for a successful project financing are available at Bareera, innovative ideas, skilled specialists, local knowledge and access to capital. Customizing our services to your unique requirements, we will develop and execute a financing that will maximize the economic value of your project based on projected feasibility, critical analysis and risk mitigation.

We can support your project until well into its operational life - even a period of a decade or more. Bareera will remain a partner for the long-term even as the needs of your project evolve.

Arrangements & Syndications

The Corporate Finance department works closely with other banks on arranging for loans and loan syndications to address the needs and for the best interest of each individual client. Our team has experience in arranging syndicated loans for corporations in various industries ranging from steel industries and power generation to infrastructure and hotels as well as for non-profit institutions on cross border opportunities. 


A fast-growing area, the process bundles your revenue sources to form the basis for an investment opportunity to be offered to investors across the world.

A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is created on which to launch the debt. If the credit quality is good, investor demand can be high.

Our organization has extensive securitization experience and has successfully completed many securitization deals.

Corporate bonds

We assist large corporate organizations looking to explore debt finance as a way of fuelling their business growth and ambitions by issuing their bonds for a specific period with specific purpose.

The bond market offers an alternative to conventional financing. In essence, it gives the businesses the opportunity to publicly source funding from investors who are looking for opportunities to expand their portfolio or diversify into new markets especially cross-border.

Venture Capitalists

Bareera invests in promising start-up companies around the world. We support our portfolio with capital, technology, and a global network of potential development partners. We are active in sustaining these companies throughout their early critical years, from seed to later stage investment.

Back to Back Financing

Back to back financing are intercompany loans that are channeled through banks. Our company provides the service between Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, China, India and Pakistan.

Initial Public Offers (IPOs)

We have provided advisory services as arrangers in many Initial Pubic Offerings of various corporations around the world. Our team is well equipped in taking your company public. We prepare and guide you through all formalities i.e. pre-IPO as well as post-IPO. 


Bareera's Aims

01Customer satisfaction is our priority.

02Extend Your Reach to Investors.

03We believe competition makes the global economy more productive .

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