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Bareera Venture Capital
What kinds of companies does Bareera Venture Capital invests in?

Bareera invests primarily in companies with the potential to lead in their respective industries. We especially focus on F&B, Textile, Infrastructure and meat plants. We always welcome proposals from every sector and industry which have a promising future.

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At what stage of development does Bareera invest?

Bareera may invest at any level of the business depending on its viability and business plan.

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What is the typical size of Bareera’s investments?

Although the amount we invest is driven largely by the opportunity, our investments and financings are not limited to any particular amount. We believe the potentiality, viability and market acceptability of any venture. We generally also participate in follow-on financing rounds and assist in finding co-investors in these rounds.

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How often does Bareera take the lead investor role?

Most of the time.

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Are all Bareera’s investments in Singapore, or do you ever invest internationally?

Since we are based in Singapore, our main focus lies within this region. However we are regularly entering in to different markets from time to time based on the nature of the projects.

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How does Bareera compare with larger venture capital firms?

Although Bareera is a new venture but the professionals that it is based on, come with a long and diversified experience. We do not believe in the volume of the business only but we also strongly believe in the nature of the business with suitable viability. We promote new entrepreneurs and small businesses along with big corporations which others usually neglect.

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For which kind of financing or equity arrangement should I contact Bareera?

You may contact Bareera for any kind of financing, equity or services along with your feasibility and business plan.

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How do I approach Bareera for financing or investing in my company?

You may contact directly to our respective officials for assistance at any point of time.

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What is Bareera’s process for evaluating investments?

The investment process begins with conducting an initial review of the proposal to determine if it fits with the firm's investment criteria. If so, a meeting will be arranged with the entrepreneur/management team to discuss the business plan. The preliminary screening is followed by the negotiating investments and after the internal approval the investment is done/completed.

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What is Bareera’s role after the investment is made?

As per our areas of expertise we are providing many other services beside financing and equity arrangement. You may contact us for your assistance and consultation at any point of time.

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What type of insurances do you deal in?

We are proving advisory and arrangement for all types of insurance not limited to health, life, vehicle, traveling, home, business and mortgage. We have specialy designed insurance plans for various purposes like education plans, marriage plans etc

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How can I apply for establishing my business in Singapore, Dubai or any part of world?

You can simply send us your business plan and your country of interest. Our expert wil review and contact you accordingly.

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What documents do I need to apply for registering my business in Singapore or Dubai?

Please go through the official website of Singapore and Dubai for details as per your requirement and then you may contact us for further details and procedure.

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How can I find out about the viability of different businesses / projects in Singapore or Dubai?

Based on your business you may consult with our experts to provide you in-depth knowledge of your specific industry as per your expertise.

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